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In Rwanda SMR is actively working together with the community to improve the local standards of life, education, etc. Therefore SMR contributed to building a new school and ensuring the future of the local community. We are committed to continue our contributions and take our social responsibility in order to maintain a balance between economic development and the welfare of society and environment.

We are an active proponent of the traceability initiative iTSCi in Rwanda and Burundi by ITRI. SMR liberated funding for the new system to be installed in Burundi.

In South Africa we are supporting local groups and schools with funding and computer equipment. We support and achieve continuous development of our employees by giving them over 100 hours of training a year, covering topics related to the production plant but also personal health, finance and basic English, math and computer skills. Over 50% of the staff is involved in offsite professional training or seminars, or in achieving advanced degrees.

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