Specialty Metals Recover


Mining has always been the first step in the supply chain : SMR is an active major shareholder in a Rwandan semi-industrial tungsten mine, New Bugarama Mining Company (NBM). As one of the Rwandan industry examples, NBM focuses on ethically extracting tungsten minerals with a high focus on social responsibility and a reduced environmental impact. All our material is guaranteed conflict free due to our extensive due diligence program and following the traceability initiative of ITRI, i.e. iTSCi, as a recognized full member.

New Bugarama Mining Company Ltd was awarded as the 2014 best operator in social corporate responsibility at the occasion of the international mining day which was organized by Rwanda Ministry of Natural Resources (MINIRENA).

In 2016, NBM tungsten mineral was officially included in the value chain of the Fairphone 2. Fairphone is a social entreprise aiming at building a smartphone, while including fair and ethical traded minerals.